About The Summit

The Summit is the must-see event for African Women Senior Leaders: President and CEO, Board Members, Executive Committees Members, Heads of Financial Institution, and Heads of Government Agency.

The Summit is the culmination of the vision of our Women Working for Change initiative, which advocates for an African business world that is fairer, stronger and more competitive, stimulated by equal representation in leadership.

The Summit is the international flagship event of the Women Working for Change (WFC) platform, a catalyst and trusted partner in the lives of African businesswomen, hungry for change and driven to succeed.

WFC advocates for a fairer, stronger, more competitive African business world, empowered by gender-equal transformative leadership:

  • 50% women on boards.
  • 50% women CEOs.
  • 50% women in management committees.
  • 50% women at the top of Africa’s top 500 companies.
  • 50%  women in the workplace and equal pay.

WFC is an initiative of Jeune Afrique Media Group, with the support of Africa CEO Forum.



1000 participants since 2018
40 countries represented since 2018
60 iconic sponsors & partners since 2018
100 remarkable speakers since 2018