About The Summit

The Summit is an essential spot on the calendar for advocates committed to influence gender equity in Africa. The Summit is the culmination of WFC‘s core vision to create thriving gender equal business environments in Africa and our commitment to the rise of powerful female business leaders.

Originally known in 2018 as the “women in business leadership meeting”, the event was renamed The Summit in October 2019, to bring greater urgency to the most pressing issues at stake, namely:

  1. The need for women to own and steer the roadmap of female business leadership in Africa.
  2. The increasingly high profile of the attendants. That is, top level executives and key influencers from the private sector.
  3. The progressively higher levels of panel discussions.
  4. The creation of original, high-impact, proprietary content required by female African leaders, hungry to succeed.

The name also conveys the gravitas of the WFC vision and purpose: A fairer, stronger, more competitive African business world, empowered by gender-equal transformative leadership.

600 participants since 2018
33 countries represented since 2018
50 iconic sponsors & partners since 2018
60 remarkable speakers since 2018