The Gender Diversity Charter of the AFRICA CEO FORUM

Why a Charter?

The idea of a Charter to engage businesses on the theme of gender diversity surfaced at the 2019 edition of the AFRICA CEO FORUM. In March 2019, a workshop brought together 60 CEOs to discuss their experiences and internal practices promoting gender diversity at work. It became obvious that a concrete commitment via the signature of a Charter would give substance and provide an opportunity to advocate for the position of women. 



  • To put the subject of diversity on the agenda of companies in Africa. 
  • To define clear and indisputable principles that are the basis for any commitment by a company wishing to make progress on gender diversity. 
  • To highlight “African champions” of gender diversity, thus providing role models for the continent.


How to become a signatory

Business put their commitment by signing up the Charter using our online form.

Signing up to the Gender Diversity Charter is free of charge and involves committing to :

  1. Promote the principles of the Charter internally and among its partners,
  2. Designate an executive to be our main point of contact,
  3. Respond to the annual survey conducted to measure progress and highlight good practices.

By signing up, the logo of your organization could appear on our website. You will also be able to communicate about your commitment on your own website and social media.

Signatories who wish to participate more actively in our initiatives regarding this Charter can contribute financially to the Charter. Your organization will then benefit from : 

  • The promotion of your business’s good practices through publication on our website of content on the subject provided by your human resources, corporate social responsibility or communication department, and relay via the AFRICA CEO FORUM pages on social networks,
  • Membership of the Africa’s Gender Champions Club and presentation as such in our communications,
  • Applying for the Gender Award presented each year during the AFRICA CEO FORUM.