Innovation and technology: new horizons for Africa ?

Despite obvious progress in research and innovation in Africa over the past 15 years, substantive efforts are still needed to obtain game-changing results in this area. In most African countries, R&D spending remains below 0.5% of GDP, compared to 2.2% in Singapore or 4.3% in South Korea. Increasing investments in scientific research is essential to accelerate growth and address the continent’s numerous challenges in agriculture, health, energy and finance, among other areas.

For its second edition, the Women in Business Annual Leadership Meeting will convene more than 250 African female leaders around this pressing issue. Participants will discuss the impact of disruptive technologies on the business world, as well as the most effective ways to strengthen women’s influence in this area. Indeed women account for 30% of the number of professionals in science-related fields and only hold 11% of leadership roles in new technologies.