Get African Women on Board

 First certified training program designed specifically for ambitious women executives


The AFRICA CEO FORUM in partnership with KPMG proudly presents Women on Board, our first certified training program designed specifically for ambitious women executives who wish to build and strengthen their boardroom expertise. the intensive skills-building program is a unique opportunity for women C-suite executives to acquire the tools for board-qualification, and understand the responsibilities that define the role.




Why this Executive Training Program?



Bridging the gender gap in boardrooms is not simply a matter of social justice. Studies have consistently shown the direct correlation between increased gender representation on corporate boards and better financial performance. This explains why the top 25% most gender-diverse African companies have earnings over 20% higher than their industry averages.

Women drive more than 70% of all consumer purchasing worldwide, hence it only makes good business sense to have a board of directors that accurately reflects the entire consumer base. Moreover the competitive advantage a business gains from the variety of backgrounds, experiences and viewpoints is undeniable. Indeed companies are much better off getting ahead of the curve on diversity in terms of business growth and development.


Key Benefits


1- Receive both practical and theorical knowledge from top executive educators
2- Enhance your management skills and your impact as a leader
3- Network with like-minded executives and benefit from peers’ advice beyond the program
4- Understand how to leverage the dynamics of power and influence
5- Gain access to the AFRICA CEO NETWORK, the leading business development and networking community of CEOs in Africa
6- Receive a certificate from KPMG upon completion



Program, Locations & Dates


Module 1: Governance and Company Strategy (16 hours) – September 2019, next session in Paris 2020

Module 2: Economic performance and risk management (16 hours) – Abidjan on the 2nd and 3rd December

Module 3: Company value Protection and boardroom simulation (16 hours) – Abidjan on March 6-7, 2020


One module is composed of 2 days each.



They talk about the training Get African Women On Board


« Great initiative! Very constructive and eye opening discussions. I highly recommend this certified program to Executives with Board Positions. »

« The training was totally adapted to my expectations! »

« The quality of the teachers was amazing, they were practitioners and dynamics »

« Friendly and positive atmosphere for a unique opportunity to strengthen boardroom expertise »

« It was great spending time with you all. There is nothing more energizing than being around women that are likeminded! – Delphine Traoré 

« A very inspiring momentThanks to all the participants for your practical and insightful contribution. There is no doubt that more women on board will ensure clear guidance, governance, innovation and long term value creation for their companies! » – Cynthia E. Gnassingbe-Essoman

« Very happy to have shared this nice moment with all these wonderful women. » – Victorine Attia